joi, 30 aprilie 2009

New Jazz Festival - Iasi 2009 a fost amanat

...pentru octombrie, eventual, asa cum ne-au scris organizatorii ....


Yesterday it was the Council of Iassy Municipality and the budget for New Jazz Festival wasn’t approved . They said that the reason why the budget wasn’t approved is the Financial Crises that affected the Annual Budget of Municipality and the outlay are restricted until July.

The Council of New Jazz Festival decided that the Festival will not be canceled and should be suspend until October ( 9-11 Octeber 2009 ).

Now that appeared these problems we want you to accept our apologize and ask if your troup can past over it and in order to keep a good relation to participate on 9-11 October.

I will come back with a letter from Municipality Hall where will appear all the reason why they can’t support the Fesitval.

Best wishes and again please accept our apologize .
Rusu Vladimir